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Apostle Lorraine Drake

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The Apostle

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Apostle Drake was ordained as an Apostle in 1997, she is a trailblazer armed with an apostolic and prophetic mantle, she is establishing and overseeing ministries in Philadelphia, Kentucky, and Africa; Jehovah Jireh Worship Center, Jehovah Jireh International, Faith Deliverance Church, and Restorer of Paths International. She is also the Spiritual parent of and mid-wife for many spiritual sons and daughters. Apostle Drake is the founder and C.E.O of That Love Prevails Ministries. Her Charge is “Reaching the lost at any cost”, and it is evident in her everyday work bringing men and women to Christ.

Her most noted attribute is the love she has for people from every walk of life. She often imparts the love by giving hugs and words of encouragement to everyone she encounters. Apostle is an advocate for empowering people to obtain both spiritual and economic stability by providing biblical counseling, housing and job placement assistance through the non-profit organization she established, T.L.P Corporation. She is a notable teacher, preacher and lecturer traveling around the world with an anointed message laced with love. As an obedient servant to the most high God Apostle Drake being called to the level of warrior answering the call to the work of deliverance according to Jer 51:20-23, 27. She continues to free those held captive by the enemy, while dismantling kingdoms, disarming men and women across the country by penetrating barriers of race, gender, education and denominationalism.Apostle Drake received her primary education in the Philadelphia Public School system. She continued her education as a Philadelphia University of computer and management and Loma School of management. In her endeavor to perfect her call to ministry, she studied at Faith Tabernacle Bible School, Saint James School of Evangelism and under the tutelage of the late Bishop R. T. Jones Sr; she held an executive position on his board of directors.Apostle Drake is married to the Honorable Elder Dwwan A. Drake they are the parents of five children and a growing team of grandchildren. She has touched many lives through her dedication and commitment to win souls as well as strengthen the body of Christ.